Welcome To The MetaNu.

Before getting started, there’s a few things we would like to cover to help you get the most from the program. The short videos below will guide you through the process and  show you how to navigate yourself around.

Creating Your Account

Joining your team or group on MetaNu is an easy process.

Taking Assessments

The MetaNu program starts with your assessment. Each week you’ll answer a series of questions about how things went during the week.

Your Weekly Snapshot

The M.E. Analytics breaks down your assessment across 7 elements. Your current week and previous week are compared. This allows you to see how you’re progressing.

Your Wellness Tracker

The Tracker is a great tool to keep yourself accountable. 

Your Tools and Toolbox

Understanding and improving who you are is the goal of The MetaNu. Tools help you improve who you can be this week.