Culture Calculator

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Our exclusive program focuses on the individual’s well-being and performance, while “dishing out assists” to the executives by identifying trends within a group that will increase productivity. With constant care and consistent knowledge, the Culture Calculator identifies opportunities to unify and strengthen a group’s morale, attitude, and quality of life. Building a great culture starts with its leaders caring about employees, employees caring for each other, and everyone in the company caring about the group’s main mission, value, & purpose. Let us start at the roots and cultivate a culture that is loving, serving, thriving, and caring.

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  • M.E. Assessment Package for each group member
  • M.E. Analytics & Data Tracker
    • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Options
  • Personalized Tips & Assist to Improve Culture
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One-Time Trial: 1 session, One-Month: 4 Sessions, 3-Month: 12 sessions, One-Year: 52 sessions