M.E. - The Program

The Program?

The M.E. Program is a proactive based assessment that uses psychology & personal performance to help guide you in this journey we call life! The assessments have the power to help you maintain stability, check-in on yourself, gain confidence, & enhance growth from within! The purpose of the program is to take ownership & accountability of self. Whether it is to navigate through difficult times, build self-esteem, and increase mental wellbeing; The M.E. Program is there to simply ask you, how are you?


It all starts with a mindful assessment. Who are you? How are you? What’s holding you back?


Then we take a data driven snapshot of who you are where you are in this moment. Next, we assign personal tools each week based on your results.


Lastly, you get a personal reflection that creates emotional accountability, so you can thrive and not just survive.

The How?

The M.E. Assessments provides thought provoking questions about how weekly aspects of your life are going. Our weekly check-in gives you the power of Self-Reflection! With encouragement, tools, tips, & real-time emotional data. You have the ability to get to the roots of you! All designed to help you understand your emotions, align your thoughts, and put your best foot forward in action!

The Assessments

It all begins with The Foundation assessment. Followed each week by Routine assessments that gives you a check-in to Self-Reflect at your convenience! Our goal is to make everyone feel comfortable in expressing their true thoughts, feelings, and emotions to positivity impact your performance.

                                                               Who are you?

                                                               How are you?

                                                     What’s holding you back?

Self-Reflection & Emotional Accountability is who you are and what you do when no one is watching. When you have a well-developed sense of self; you are honest with yourself and can go confidently forward in your actions.

In a constant quest for growth, understanding oneself requires reflection! Self-reflection is the ability to spend time in thought. To learn and gain understanding of who you are and why things have happened in your life. It is simply looking into a mirror and describing what you see & feel.

How often do you look inward and reflect on what you see?


The Toolbox

Tools, Tips, & Tricks are personalized each week based on the results of your assessment. This is to give you an advantage on how to handle your emotions to grow & thrive in any situation life throws at you! You will have your toolbox ready to adjust, adapt, & overcome in a positive way!

The Toolbox along with a personalized reflections make the MetaNu experience completely unique. Your Toolbox is designed to open your mind to new understanding and possibilities to conquer each day!

We will provide you with many options that will comfortably & conveniently fit your lifestyle. This is the fun part, putting thought into action. The Toolbox is a helping hand, a mental skillset help you positively thrive in your life!


The M.E. Analytics ™ is our exclusive emotional data-driven program that will show positive, negative, or neutral trends in your main 7 elements of your emotions. It is a Snapshot of your emotional wellbeing in the moment of time! Always being honest & truthful in your answers.

By checking in on yourself by using the results of your weekly routine gives you a competitive advantage in life! Each week, a real time data-driven snapshot is taken of your mental make-up to identify your strengths & improvements of your emotional wellbeing. Providing your with your own personalized Wellness Tracker! You will be able to track, monitor, and hold yourself accountable each week of your emotions, thoughts, & actions!


The results of each week’s assessment will provide you with a personalized reflection; a positive boost of encouragement that sparks your thoughts! This is to provide you with further in-depth information on how to adjust, adapt, & overcome situations in your life. This is the MetaNu. difference.

                                                               KNOW YOURSELF

                                                                LOVE YOURSELF

                                                                GROW YOURSELF

The program is an opportunity to measure your mental wellbeing & progress in a positive way. It keeps you motivated & equipped in your quest to better yourself, while providing you with a sense of achievement and joy. When you step back and reflect, you see how your thoughts, feelings, and choices have a lasting impact on your life.


Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like muscles of the body.

-Lynn Jennings [Three-time Olympic runner]



High Levels of Productivity & Performance


Better Endurance with Stress & Anxiety


Leaning Into Feelings & Emotions


Your Wellbeing

Live a fulfilling and productive life that involves taking a proactive day-to-day approach. Living proactively prepares you for life’s adversities. It also empowers you to perform at your highest levels.

Get Ahead. Build Momentum. Move Forward!

Get Ahead.
Build Momentum.
Move Forward!


Through Life

Choosing to live proactively is only the first step. The second is to blend 5 key components into your life.

The exercise within to attempt to understand our habits. Looking back to see what worked and what did not work.

The ability to recognize and make sense of your own emotions and the emotions of those around you.

Positive statements you believe and repeat that help you challenge and overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts.

Detailed plan outlining a sequence of steps that must be taken and performed in order to reach one or more goals.

Responsibility for you are and what you do when no one’s watching. Allows you to honest with yourself for what you say and do.