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We are energetic and passionate people on a mission to make a cultural difference by delivering knowledge and understanding. Our program promotes convenience, constant communication, and overall wellness for the whole group.

Our data-driven program allows your group to pinpoint the negatives, as well as, highlight the positives to continuously improve your culture. Let us start at the roots and cultivate a culture that is loving, serving, thriving, and caring for all.

Care For Your Culture

How The Culture Calculator Works

Our exclusive program primarily focuses on each individual’s wellbeing and performance. Simultaneously, we will be “dishing out assists” to the top executives by identifying trends from the groups data that will increase productivity & boost morale.

With convenient care and constant knowledge, the Culture Calculator identifies opportunities to unify and strengthen a group’s motivation, attitude, and quality of life.

Care For Your Culture

Caring cultures are about how you treat everyone in your group’s ecosystem: employees, management, leaders, teammates, and yourself.

  • What does your group love about their performance?
  • What keeps your group motivated and engaged?
  • What are some of the ways the group celebrates success?

Building a great culture starts at its leaders caring about employees, employees caring for each other, and everyone in the company caring about the group’s main mission, value, & purpose.

Our goal is to make everyone feel comfortable in expressing their true thoughts and feelings to positivity impact their own performance, as well as, the group.

Evaluate Your Culture

Analyze the dynamics between management and teammates. Conveniently, observe how the group communicates and performs with each other.

  • Do they respect one another’s ideas and opinions?
  • Do they function cohesively as a team?
  • How does the organization support group members development and career growth?

Our program allows you to constantly check-in on your group members. Making sure everyone is thriving and motivated. We help evaluate the culture constantly; giving you the confidence & data to make a swift change to positively impact performance.

Lead Your Culture

Leaders need to constantly & conveniently interact, make decisions, and influence others. Strong leaders provide a sense of vision, purpose, mentorship, and inspiration to those they lead.

  • How do you balance leadership?
  • How do you manage all the different personalities?
  • What causes conflict, and how is conflict resolved?

Our program is here to help! We want you to focus on what you do best & we will do the rest! The Culture Calculator is here to be your “Cheat Code”.

Its abilities will help you make up-to-date informed decisions based off your overall groups data to lead your culture to reach its peak performance.

Serve Your Culture

Great cultures are serving cultures. Being a servant leader means putting the interests of others above your own. The power of listening, empathy, awareness, and conceptualization; will boost your cultures productivity!

  • What makes you proud to work at this company?
  • When and how do people like to give and receive feedback?
  • What personality traits do you look for in your ideal team members?

Our program allows you to serve up assist to the whole group. The main mission of our program is to give each teammate motivation, communication, & overall mental wellness; not just in their performance but most importantly in their life!

Your Team's Culture


High Levels of Productivity & Performance


Better Endurance with Stress & Anxiety


Trust Your Feelings & Emotions

The exercise within to attempt to understand our habits. Looking back to see what worked and what did not work.

The ability to recognize and make sense of your own emotions and the emotions of those around you.

Positive statements you believe and repeat that help you challenge and overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts.

Detailed plan outlining a sequence of steps that must be taken and performed in order to reach one or more goals.

Responsibility for you are and what you do when no one’s watching. Allows you to honest with yourself for what you say and do.


Is Key!

Everything you need to strengthen your group.